photo of a deer killed by Landon Osterholtphoto of a deer killed by Landon Osterholtphoto of a deer killed by Landon Osterholt

Hunter: Landon Osterholt

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Chattahoochee

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Call a dog! Call a dog! Call dog! Wednesday before Thanksgiving we got into the stand a little late at 4:45. Right at 5:00 Landon spotted some deer on the edge of 4-year-old pines and a fresh clearcut. The deer were headed toward our food plot and feeder and needed to make it 100 yards or so until they were out in the open. The wind was also blowing directly toward the deer, and I was afraid they would turn around before they made it to us. After a few minutes the deer made it into the opening about 90 yards below us. Landon said there was a big buck in the group of deer and already had his gun on it. At the same time the buck saw or smelled us and stopped in his tracks. I asked Landon if he had a good shot and to take it because the deer was getting ready to turn around and leave. When he shot, the buck jumped into the 4-year-old pines and disappeared. We got down to look for blood before it got dark and found some long white hair and a small piece of meat. I did not feel real good about finding the deer after that. We looked in the pines for a few minutes and called AJ Niette from the Dial a Dog list. He does not track at night, so we agreed to meet on Thanksgiving at 9:00. Once AJ got there and put the dog Mo on it, she was right on the track. AJ watches his hand-held GPS and can tell you exactly what is happening. At 125 yards she jumped the deer up. It crossed a pretty large creek at 180 yards and at 350 yards Mo pointed out the first spot of blood. At 650 yards AJ starts hollering to grab the dog and load the gun. Aj could see the buck laying across the creek again. Landon was able to make a final shot on the deer. High fives and hugs all around. Landon, my wife, dad, myself and AJ were all celebrating. 100% this deer would have never been found without a dog. This deer ran 650 yards and crossed a 50-foot wide creek twice. It is truly amazing to watch a good dog and handler go to work. When in doubt back out and call a dog! We can’t thank AJ enough for spending his Thanksgiving morning with us.
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