photo of a deer killed by Kyle Spencephoto of a deer killed by Kyle Spencephoto of a deer killed by Kyle Spence

Hunter: Kyle Spence

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Harris

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My son & I have been watching this deer dating back to last season & fittingly nicknamed him "Skyscraper" due to the height of his rack. We continued getting pics of him after the season ended but he completely disappeared during the summer. He did however pop back up a few weeks ago seemingly out of know nowhere but his appearances were very sporadic. Fast forward to 11/11 & although I had plenty of stuff planned for that day I decided last minute to ditch most of it & get in an evening hunt to go after my #1 hit list buck "Skyscraper". Although I had other nice bucks on camera I decided to go "all in" on this one & I felt like my odds were really good that evening because the rain had finally tapered off & the temperature had dropped as well. After watching several deer that evening Skyscraper appeared approximately 100 yards away along a scrape line and after offering a broadside shot I squeezed the trigger. The entire experience was almost surreal from start to finish & also discovered after 30+ years of hunting & seeing many a deer it's still possible for me to get good ole "buck fever"! It'll definitely go down as one of my most memorable hunts of all time.
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