photo of a deer killed by Kyle Danielphoto of a deer killed by Kyle Danielphoto of a deer killed by Kyle Daniel

Hunter: Kyle Daniel

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Fulton

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I acquired permission on a relatively small tract of land after having seen some good bucks in the general area back in February. I quickly established a feed site and camera to help me get inventory on deer in the area. I was excited to have several nice bucks in the area after getting the camera set in July, but was blown away when this deer showed up on August 24 already hard horn. This buck continued to be a regular at the camera often showing up early in the afternoon, indicating that he was bedded pretty close by. He continued to make daylight appearances but somewhat more sporadic as we approached opening weekend. I hunted him opening afternoon, but my wind was a little off and he was a no show. The camera indicated he was there Sunday and Monday, but I knew I needed to wait for the right wind to get back in there and hunt him. Tuesday afternoon brought that wind and I was back in the tree by 5:15. I had a doe and fawn feed out as I was still getting set up, and just as I expected this bid joke feed off the opposite ridge right about 6:50. As he approached my setup straight on, he wasted no time getting head down into the corn.... for almost 12 minutes he stood there dead facing me at 20 yards. It was unbelievable to have a buck of that caliber at that distance for that length of time, although very nerve-racking at the same time. He finally turned a presented a mostly broadside, but slightly quartered to shot opportunity. I was able to come to full draw without him having a clue I was there. I settled my pin and hammered the release trigger quickly realizing that my first arrow hit his spine. I was able to make two good follow-up shots and the buck expired within 30yds of the initial shot location. I knew he was big, but getting down to him there was certainly no ground shrinkage; 210 pounds and rack to match. Truly blessed with the opportunity to harvest a dream deer. Best part is I was able to capture it all on film and will be airing on the Final Set Outdoors YouTube page 9/22 (
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