photo of a deer killed by Kyle Childersphoto of a deer killed by Kyle Childersphoto of a deer killed by Kyle Childers

Hunter: Kyle Childers

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Taylor

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Had just taken up bowhunting and this was my third outing with a bow. A doe came in to food plot followed by this 8-point. After about a minute the buck was broadside in a shooting lane at 25 yards. I took the shot and got a pass-through arrow with lots of blood. The buck ran about 20 yards to the edge of food plot and stood there in sight for at least a minute, and I took pictures of him with phone. Then he walked into woods. As I walked to where he stood when I shot, he jumped up from canes within 40 yards and crashed away. There were puddles of blood where he stood, and a great blood trail for over 500 yards to where he crossed a woods road, and we decided to pull off and come back the next morning. We found him less than 50 yards from where we had pulled off the track the night before. The arrow had pierced both lobes of his liver. Now that I have my first bow buck, I'm setting my sights on surpassing my big brothers bowhunting successes.
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