photo of a deer killed by Kyle Brooksphoto of a deer killed by Kyle Brooksphoto of a deer killed by Kyle Brooks

Hunter: Kyle Brooks

Points: 14 (7L, 7R)

County: Washington

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I got my first picture of this deer in mid December. He wasn’t an everyday guarantee, but when he did show he was in the daylight. I began hunting him immediately every chance I got as long as the wind allowed. My tenth sit was in the evening, and I moved my stand to set up for the next morning’s hunt because the wind was supposed to shift and a camera check earlier revealed he should be bedded close by. At 5:45 p.m. I caught my first glimpse at the deer I had been obsessed with for the two weeks prior. As he stepped out into a cleared road, I let a bullet fly that had a few prayers along with it. It hit him where it counted. I called on a great group of friends to help with the tracking and picture taking. My wife was happier than I was that it was all over, and I appreciate her allowing me to chase these animals. The Lord truly blessed me on this one and has made me realize through actions of others to shoot what makes you happy and be thankful for his many blessings we have.
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