photo of a deer killed by Kole Kimbrelphoto of a deer killed by Kole Kimbrelphoto of a deer killed by Kole Kimbrel

Hunter: Kole Kimbrel

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Calhoun

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had just gotten off of work and I was running late. I knew the deer was in the area but personally I had never seen it. My dad and little brother had seen him opening weekend of bow season and he sent me a video, but it was too far to take a shot with a bow. He went missing from the beginning of bow season until two days before I shot him. When I got in the stand that afternoon I never would have thought that I would kill “sky scraper.” I figured it was just going to be like every hunt. I was sitting in a small old lean too, I was probably in the stand for forty five minutes. At the time I was just sitting there playing on my phone when I looked I saw the man, the myth, the legend “sky scraper.” It was about a 100-yard shot. I shot it with my dad's McWhorter 7STW custom rifle and when I shot I smoked him. He ran probably 30 or 40 yards and was down for the count. Right when I saw him fall I called my dad and told him about it and when we recovered it we were both pumped.
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