photo of a deer killed by Kirk Woodallphoto of a deer killed by Kirk Woodallphoto of a deer killed by Kirk Woodall

Hunter: Kirk Woodall

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Mitchell

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I went to my favorite stand for only the third time this season because of the wind. I love this spot because it has four habitat types that come together into a funnel. I sat this stand that morning and called in three young bucks using my Primos Buck Roar. As I walked in for the evening hunt I had high expectations despite the warm temperatures. At about 5:15 I did a rattling sequence followed by some grunts. The deer are beginning the cruising phase of the rut down here. I called in one of the small bucks from the morning and I watched him walk off. At about 5:35 I did another grunt sequence as this tactic has worked for me in this stand before. As it started getting dark, I looked up into the upland pines and noticed a deer. I quickly checked the deer with the binoculars thinking it might be the small buck I had seen earlier. I noticed a big body and the rack was obscured by the grass. I quickly raised my rifle and shot! The buck ran back out of the spot quickly. I climbed down and took up the blood trail. After 100 yards I was rewarded with the Kick-Back 10! I want to thank my hunting partner David Bush for coming to the rescue with his ranger as the deer was a long was back from a road. We actually found one of David’s cameras that day he had forgot about last season and had pictures of this deer from last year. The deer was in very poor shape from it looks like a gunshot across his chest.
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