photo of a deer killed by Kirk Woodallphoto of a deer killed by Kirk Woodallphoto of a deer killed by Kirk Woodall

Hunter: Kirk Woodall

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Mitchell

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

My brother and good friend came down to do a hunting weekend since football season was over. I haven’t hunted much this year and didn’t run cameras or keep the corn piles going as I really hadn’t hunted much. I shot a pretty good buck during Thanksgiving but rushed the recovery and lost the deer. I decided to move my climber about 300 yards from where I had shot the buck during Thanksgiving. Got to my brother’s campsite and we all headed out hoping to see some deer this morning after the flood of rain. I selected a tree with good visibility near some scrapes I found earlier this season. Right after good light I grunted pretty aggressively and waited. I grunted again about 7:35 and sat back and watched. I prayed Thanking to Lord for a great football season and a wonderful family. When I finished praying I saw what looked like a rear end of a deer in the pines. I picked up my rifle and looked at the deer. The buck lifted his head and I about fell out of the stand as this giant was looking toward my direction. I lined up and shot! The buck ran toward me and paused, I shot again and he started going down! As I sat there and looked at my buck he got up and started stumbling off. I shot him again and he was down! Not losing this one. Biggest buck I have ever killed. Thankful for my brother helping me drag him out!!
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