photo of a deer killed by Kevin Fordphoto of a deer killed by Kevin Fordphoto of a deer killed by Kevin Ford

Hunter: Kevin Ford

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I arrived at my hunting property around 0645hrs and began my walk to the stand. While walking to the stand, I applied Tinks to the bottom of my shoes. Upon getting with in sight distance of my stand a began placing tinks along the scrape locations and around the food plot located approximately 40-50 yards away from my deer stand. At approximately 0706hrs, I heard leaves being crushed to my right. shortly after a small spike appeared approximately 20 yards from my stand and walked around the base of the tripod. The small spike walked around the vicinity of my stand for a short while and soon walked over to a food plot, where a very young doe was grazing. As the young spike and doe grazed in the food plot, a very young 6 point appeared to my right. The 6 point followed the same pattern as the young spike, but instead of entering the food plot, the 8 point traveled along the same path of my food steps and began browsing around the scrape locations until he was out of my sight. The young doe and spike exited the food plot and traveled back into the thick of volunteer pines. As they walked away, I heard snorting to my right therefore and began to utilize my doe grunt. The wind was traveling from left to right. The noises to my right continued but instead of traveling in front of me, the noise went behind me and I then began to notice the noise on my left. Everything was quiet from 0815 to about 0845, when suddenly a young 8 pt. stepped out into my food plot. As I watched the 8 point a extremely larger buck appeared approximately 50- 60 yards away into my food plot. Once I quickly assessed the age and size of the deer, I fired one shot to the upper right shoulder. The buck fell to the ground as the 8 pt. ran away. I exited my stand and called for assistance to load the deer. Once assistance arrived, I had several photos taken and I transported the deer to be processed.
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