photo of a deer killed by Kevin Elzeyphoto of a deer killed by Kevin Elzeyphoto of a deer killed by Kevin Elzey

Hunter: Kevin Elzey

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Forsyth

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Entered the woods around 6:00 a.m. that morning feeling good about the cool weather and calm air. Texting a buddy that was hunting at his property talking about how perfect the weather was today to be in the woods. Hearing the normal squirrels and turkeys all around and thinking the hunt was over around 9:15. Debating to just climb down at 9:30 and go check cameras and refill food plots in the other areas, when I heard this beast walk up over the ridge. I’ve hunted majority of my adult life and shooting a deer normally does get my heart racing, but when I saw this buck for the first time at 70 yards away, my heart started pounding. He peaked the ridge like he owned the joint. Full rut neck and he meant business as he stopped and looked around. I’m left handed so I had to swing completely around in my Muddy hang-on stand. He started to head uphill away from where I was but turned directly toward me at a trot. Thinking he caught a whiff of the Liquid Luck spray. Came within 40 yards of me and slowed down, and that’s when I pulled the trigger. My new Remington 770 model 300WinMag dropped him where he stood. Texted my son, Jaxon, to tell him the news. He was 45 minutes from the house and told me to wait till he got home to go in and retrieve the buck. Cool thing was that 3 years ago, he killed his 1st deer (which was the week winner in GON) just 150 yards away from where this big boy was killed. Great experience and a good story.
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