photo of a deer killed by Kevin Carnesphoto of a deer killed by Kevin Carnesphoto of a deer killed by Kevin Carnes

Hunter: Kevin Carnes

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Cobb

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I got in the stand about 4 PM. At about 5 PM I saw a doe and two fawns. They fed for a bit then moved on. The woods were very quiet, and I did not think I would see another deer. Then shortly before dark I heard a deer come from behind me. A doe. Heavier footsteps followed. Then came along a spike. Then heavier footsteps. And along came a 2.5 year old 8-point. I think: this is starting to get good! Another minute or so passes, and then comes along a large 6-point, who has shed one side already (so I am really only seeing a 3-point.) Then another 8-point. And then heavier footsteps. I stay motionless, afraid to reach for my bow. I glance down, and see it is the large 10-point. I had on camera (He is really a 12-point if you count his scorable kickers) less than 5 yards from my stand. He is unmistakable by his large brow tines. I am afraid to move. The wind has died down, and is changing direction a little bit. He stops and goes on high alert. Then he does a foot stomp. I think he has smelled me. So I stay still for a minute or two which feels like hours. Then I hear ANOTHER deer walking up behind me. The 10-point is getting more itchy, and bolts about 10 yards, and stands still. I figure this might be my only chance. So I ease up and grab my bow and stand up at the same time. The last deer that has walked up behind me must have seen me, and bolts. "My" deer is still standing, but looking all around. I quickly draw. Take a breath or two. And let fly at what I think is right behind the shoulder. THWACK!!! The deer does a hard run, and I can see the Nockturnal go along with him. I fear I hit the shoulder and did not get penetration. My buddy drives over and we search for blood. Can't find a single drop. We do find the lighted arrow btw. Broken off. We search for about an hour, then call it quits. When I get home I measure the amount of arrow left vs. a full arrow, and determine that I got about 8 inches penetration. I start to feel better about this. The next morning I come back and begin searching the area. I find the deer only about 100 yards from where I shot him, on property where I have access to retrieve him.
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