photo of a deer killed by Ken Myersphoto of a deer killed by Ken Myersphoto of a deer killed by Ken Myers

Hunter: Ken Myers

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had been hunting this deer since bow season. I would not pressure him at all and only wait for perfect conditions. I had been in the woods for 2.5 weeks and was burned out. A friend kept encouraging me to stick with it. I actually called my wife the night before and said I was thinking about coming home but stayed at camp instead. I didn't set my alarm the morning I killed him but woke up early instead. The weather was perfect so I headed in the woods early. After first light, I saw a coyote. I reached for my rifle but something told me not to disturb the woods. I grabbed a limb next to me, shook it and grunted at the same time. That got the coyote's attention and he ran to me. I stood up and he took off! I hadn't seen a deer since and was very discouraged. My wife texted me and asked if I was seeing deer. I explained what happened after first light and she wrote back "get him honey, I love you." She always tells me "good luck" but didn't this time. Almost like she knew! I didn't respond but told myself to try and stay focused. The first deer I saw was the doe he was following. He herded her like a bull elk! I knew it was him when she trotted off and he walked into where I could see him. I recognized him immediately! She trotted up the hill to my right and I waited for the perfect shot. I wasn't rushing anything! I was cool, calm and collected. When I fired the first shot, he dropped. His doe took off and he got back up so I shot him again. I was able to watch him expire nine minutes later. I called my wife and had a complete meltdown in the stand! It's a hunt I will never forget!
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