photo of a deer killed by Keith Kimbrelphoto of a deer killed by Keith Kimbrelphoto of a deer killed by Keith Kimbrel

Hunter: Keith Kimbrel

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Calhoun

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I usually don’t name deer but I called this one “top secret” but then he ended up with two other names, Houdini and Sleeper. He got Houdini because he went missing at the end of August. I had two pics of him on mineral sites and then he disappeared. This is why I don’t name them. I was in a chair blind in a corn field. When it broke day, I could see several deer about 150 yards away. I looked at him and could only make 9 points. When it got good daylight I looked again and could see 10 points, but I thought he was too small. He started walking away and I said, 'that’s a good deer, he’s just kind of narrow.' Then that voice in my head said fool you better shoot that deer, lol. I waited for him to turn and I put that needmore on him and fired. That joker run about 100 yards and stopped and started breathing heavy. I was watching him in the binos and calling that needmore all kind of bad names, really bad ones lol. Something told me, fool you better put another one in him. This time he tore out and ran 40 yards and front flipped. I think I may have clean missed on the first shot. When I got to him he got the name Sleeper because once you added them numbers up, he was a little better than I thought lol, kinda like Stetson Bennett don’t look real flashy till you go to looking at those numbers lol. I hope he plays the game of his life Saturday. Thanks to uncle Mack and Mr. Doug for letting me hunt this land.
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