photo of a deer killed by Keith Housworthphoto of a deer killed by Keith Housworthphoto of a deer killed by Keith Housworth

Hunter: Keith Housworth

Points: 14 (7L, 7R)

County: Putnam

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I was hunting 2 other bucks on our club. One is 7+ years old and has always eluded us for the past couple of years. I only got one night picture far away of this buck 6 days before and i was amazed at his height but it looked like he had no mass to his rack. So I decided to go hunting Sunday afternoon and my friend Wade and I split up. He went down to one food plot and i went to mine up on the hill. It didnt take too long before a small forkhorn made his way into the food plot and started eating on the oats. He was later joined by a second forkhorn. They started sparring with each other and i recorded their play fighting. Then with a few minutes before dark, this buck comes out quick into the plot. I put my binoculars on him since i could tell he was a good buck from a 140 yards away. Once i saw his mass, i grabbed my 300 Win Mag rifle and braced myself. He stopped, and i waited until he turned to the right a little then i pulled the trigger. He kicked and i knee i made a good shot. He ran 10 yards and stopped and i put a second round into him and he went down. Wade started texting which buck i had shot. I just told him to come get me. I walked up to the buck and was amazed at how much bigger and thicker the antlers were than the trail cam photos.
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