photo of a deer killed by Keith Brucephoto of a deer killed by Keith Brucephoto of a deer killed by Keith Bruce

Hunter: Keith Bruce

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Clarke

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I got pics of this deer in 2021 as a 9-point but I never saw him from the stand. He was not camera shy during daylight hours before shedding his velvet, but once the velvet was off he went completely nocturnal. Once the rut started his range seemed to have really changed because I got very few pics of him the rest of the season. This season same story. Velvet pics in daylight but he shed right before the season and again went completely nocturnal. He put on the G-4 on his left side this year plus overall inches in time length and mass. This year I hunted him hard because I was afraid of him doing the same thing as last year. Being retired afforded me the opportunity to put in a lot of hours in pursuit of him. I hunted every opportunity only missing because of my granddaughters softball games and grandsons football games On Wednesday evening of opening week he came in right at last light and I shot low at him only coming away with a little hair on my broad head and very few drops of blood. Hoping I didn’t spook him off, I was relieved to start getting nighttime pics of him again. On September 30th I got a pic of him 30 minutes after I got out of the stand. October 3rd he came out just a little sooner, soon enough that I was this time able to make a lethal shot. He only ran 30 yards before going down. This year I had named him Elvis because he was the King in those woods. Needless to say I was very happy to call my family and hunting buddies and say that finally, Elvis had left the building
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