photo of a deer killed by Keith Binghamphoto of a deer killed by Keith Binghamphoto of a deer killed by Keith Bingham

Hunter: Keith Bingham

Points: 20 (7L, 13R)

County: Oglethorpe

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I set up on the edge of some hardwoods and a clearcut that had been replanted with 5-year-old pines. There was a white oak tree that was dropping acorns and a lot of fresh scrapes around. This was the first sit on the property all season. I put out a camera, hung a climber, and saw four young bucks that evening. They didn’t seem to be ready for the rut. Hocks were light brown and they didn’t mind being together. At dark, I got down and went back to camp. Not even an hour out of the woods, I received the first picture of the deer. The next picture of the deer came in at 6:00 am the following morning, so I decided not to go to my climber because I didn’t want to bump him. I slipped back in the stand around 2:30 pm and waited. At 6:10 pm, the deer came out of the clearcut and was headed straight to the white oak. I was in complete shock to be witnessing such a unique deer. I mounted my rifle, took a deep breath and shot. The deer dropped right in his tracks. I didn’t waste any time getting down to go take a closer look at him. I walked up and sat beside him until it got dark. Definitely a hunt I will always remember.
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