photo of a deer killed by Kayla Heardphoto of a deer killed by Kayla Heardphoto of a deer killed by Kayla Heard

Hunter: Kayla Heard

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Fayette

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Kayla decided when she got home from school she wanted to hunt. At 4 pm. she got her camo on and call her uncle Tony O'Connell and asked him to come over to supervise her hunt, he did. With minimum supervision she set the hunt up on her own. Checking the wind she decided to hunt a blind located in the hardwoods that she knew had some big scrapes around it. The first hour of the hunt was pretty boring with no action. Doing what 12-year-olds do now, she started texting her friends. After a few minutes she decide to look up at the area she was watching and there a deer stood. Couldn't really make out whether it was a buck or not. So she continued to watch and text until the deer gave her a good look at his antlers and suddenly she decided this was the one. As her hands trembled to get the gun in position and get the safety off the deer moved in to a good position giving her a quartering shot from 35 yards. After the shot there was minimal blood (6.5 CM at 35 yards) Her and her uncle decided to go get Bailey (a Bavarian Mountain Hound) to help track the deer. After Bailey tracking less than 100 yards the deer lay dead. This is Kayla's second buck of her life, the first being an 8-point last year. I think we have a kid that is definitely hooked. Thanks GON for allowing to promote this fine sport to a new generation.
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