photo of a deer killed by Kassie Robinsonphoto of a deer killed by Kassie Robinsonphoto of a deer killed by Kassie Robinson

Hunter: Kassie Robinson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Gilmer

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

As season opened I knew the deer I had my eye on and knew I had to put in stand time to get him. The first evening I hunted it was nice out warm, the wind was just right. There was a doe come in, but I could tell something was off as she seemed jumpy, within a minute before I knew it she took off, made me wonder what was coming, so low and behold in came a black bear! He moseyed on in and hung around, I heard something to my right. I turned and there was the monster buck I was after, him and his buddies! They stopped in their tracks I'm guessing at this point they had smelled the bear. The bucks decided to wait around so the buck I had my eye on and one of his buddies decided to start horning some trees. Which was awesome to watch as it was my first time ever seeing a deer horn a tree in person! The bear heard them making noise so he decided to peep over and see what all the commotion was. At this point one of the other bucks saw him and blew! So that evening I had to watch my dream buck walk away from me. Not giving up I continued putting in my stand time. The next day while setting in the stand all I seen was a spike and a piebald doe also a very first! The third day I climbed into my stand clipped my safety harness on, knocked an arrow, hung up my quiver and sat down to patiently wait. It had been about an hour and half, to my left I see a doe coming. She comes on in, hangs out for a few minutes then she keeps looking to her left. I try to see but due to the leaves on the trees I couldn't see what she was looking at. Here in a second I see horns come out from behind a holly bush. I noticed it's one of the bucks that ran with my dream deer, so I stand up, lift my seat up on my lock on and hook my release. Out comes another buck, still not big boy. Then I see the horns of my dreams pop out, nervous/excited and adrenaline going I slowly calm myself down as he steps into my shooting lane. I pull my bow back I can't see real good through my peep sight due to just being so excited, so I look off blink my eyes a few times and look back through my peep sight and it's perfect. I line my sight up for the kill shot, take a deep breath and let my arrow fly! Thwack as my arrow hits him perfect. He ran about 30 yards and fell! I was over the moon excited I called my boyfriend and told him I got my dream buck he was just as excited as I was! This hunt was one I will never forget! Forever grateful!
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