photo of a deer killed by Karlie Arrendalephoto of a deer killed by Karlie Arrendalephoto of a deer killed by Karlie Arrendale

Hunter: Karlie Arrendale

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Brooks

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

The afternoon of November 14 we got in the stand at 4 p.m. Right at 5 a little button buck showed up in the food plot and we were watching him when we noticed the buck coming in from behind us down a fence line. I told Karlie to get ready as he was headed toward the plot. When he came out in the plot, I told her to get on him and take the shot, and she couldn't find him in her scope before he eased off in the woods at the edge of the plot. Shortly after he came running out and ran the button buck off, and Karlie told me she had him in the scope. I told her that he was facing us a little (quartering toward us) so not to aim behind the shoulder but to put the crosshairs where his neck met his front shoulder and squeeze a shot off when she was ready. She squeezed the shot with her .243 and he immediately hit the ground and plowed off across the plot with just his back legs pushing and I lost sight of him behind some dog fennels. Karlie started crying saying she got him and I confirmed she hit him and I too was teary eyed. We eased out to tell her mom and uncle and give the deer some time as not to push him, 45 minutes later we got back to the plot in our can am and there he was in the back of the plot. Way bigger than I thought and we immediately started hollering and hugging. I am one proud Dad and have one EXCITED daughter!!
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