photo of a deer killed by Karlee Grubbsphoto of a deer killed by Karlee Grubbsphoto of a deer killed by Karlee Grubbs

Hunter: Karlee Grubbs

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Harris

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

We planned on hunting a shooting house I like to call the lady bug stand, because of all the lady bugs that come to it when the weather gets cold, but when we got there the stand was swarming with wasp because it was so warm. Instead we got the chairs from the stand and decided to hunt from the ground just inside the tree line. Our friend had seen a bunch of does there the evening before, so our hopes were high I would get a chance at my first deer. We saw a spike on the way to the stand so things were looking good. As the sun started going down we had not seen anything, until around 5:30. That’s when my buck came into the plot. He was all alone. My dad counted his points through his binoculars and gave me the go ahead to take my shot. I squeezed the trigger just like we had practiced, and he dropped in his tracks! A perfect 100 yard shot! My first deer and first buck! My brothers helped me celebrate and we’re both happy to get in on some of the pictures.
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