photo of a deer killed by Kaleb Ginnphoto of a deer killed by Kaleb Ginnphoto of a deer killed by Kaleb Ginn

Hunter: Kaleb Ginn

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My dad and I were situated in a box stand on the edge of a small food plot and watching a 70-yard lane running parallel with a creek. The first 3 deer made it into the food plot late afternoon, all does. After 20 minutes of feeding something startled them and they exited the food plot. A few minutes later a doe and two yearlings crossed our lane coming off the creek. About 10 minutes later my dad said he heard a buck grunt coming from the creek and for me to get ready. I rested my .300 Blackout on the rail of the stand and waited. My dad kept glassing the edge of the lane waiting for the buck to step out. As he walked out my dad said, “good deer!” I placed the crosshairs on his shoulder following him until my dad stopped him with a grunt. The buck stopped, looked our way, and I made a 60-yard shot. He stumbled out of the lane and we heard him crash. The celebration began. This is only my second buck, the first one killed in 2019. We hunt in an antler restricted county. Our club rules also require a minimum 16” spread. He has a 17” outside spread. What’s cool is this is my biggest deer to date, killed on November 6th. My dad also killed his biggest deer on this same date.
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