photo of a deer killed by Kaitlyn Lottphoto of a deer killed by Kaitlyn Lottphoto of a deer killed by Kaitlyn Lott

Hunter: Kaitlyn Lott

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Berrien

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

This her dad’s side of the story, I have to say my daughter has tried for the past two seasons for the opportunity she seized this afternoon very proud of her. I work night shift and didn’t sleep much today, got up around 3 and figured I’d go hunting and asked Kaitlyn's mom if she thought Kaitlyn wanted to go too. Being late season I figured she could at least harvest a doe. She was excited and wanting to go, so I picked her up from her mom around 4:15, and we head to our property arriving there around 4:45. I had her some coveralls to slip on over her school clothes and then headed to the stand. We settled in close to 5, and the wind was in our faces and chilly too. Around 5:15 we had a doe show up and I asked if she wanted to shoot her. She got her gun ready but decided not to shoot. After the doe fed a couple minutes, we had this buck come in from the end of the lane walking to us. I told her to get her gun up, and seeing he was pushing the doe I told her to put the crosshairs in his chest and squeeze the trigger (now I understand this is not the best shot but the buck wasn’t going to stay long at all and she has practiced a lot over the past two seasons, so I was confident in letting her shoot him facing us). She shoots and doe runs also the buck runs off too. Excited we call her mom to tell her about the huge buck and all decided to give him time to expire. A few minutes later a couple does come in and start feeding again and we are watching them and Kaitlyn picks up her rifle and looking through the scope at them and she says dad I see something in the bushes down there close to the does. I look and see it’s the huge buck again and tell her to get ready. This time he comes out broadside for her and she squeezed the second shot off and the buck hunches up, and I know he’s hit good this time. I call her mom back and tell her to come and help. Called a few friends to come help also, knowing on that big of a buck and it a smaller caliber it probably didn’t go through him. We wait for a friend to arrive, get down and put up our stuff, and all of us head down to see if we can find any blood. Sure enough we found blood immediately and then found the big buck piled up not 60 yards from where she had shot him. To say I’m beyond proud is an understatement! I’m very proud of you Kaitlyn Lott, great job this afternoon honey!
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