photo of a deer killed by Justin Seaboltphoto of a deer killed by Justin Seaboltphoto of a deer killed by Justin Seabolt

Hunter: Justin Seabolt

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Worth

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

After playing a cat and mouse game for 4 months with this buck I named Chubb’s, on November 9th at 5:30 in the afternoon I was presented an opportunity of a lifetime with him at 20 yards with my bow and just muffed the opportunity up. I messed up and made a terrible shot and hit him high shoulder tracked him roughly 300 yards and the blood eventually just ran out, after 5 nights of being worried to death that he was going to die and I wouldn’t be able to find him, he appeared back on camera with a doe and seemed fine. After the one picture he disappeared and would only show on camera a couple of times but not constantly like before, so on December 9th I went to go hunting just to get away and get in the woods before the season ends, with no expectations of seeing this deer. I was in shock when I turned around right at dark and I saw him walking at 40 yards heading towards the creek, with no hesitation I reached for my rifle because I knew I didn’t have time to range him and grab my bow. I shot him at roughly 45 yards and he ran about 50 yards and it was lights out! So thankful the good lord let us cross paths again.
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