photo of a deer killed by Justin Pittsphoto of a deer killed by Justin Pittsphoto of a deer killed by Justin Pitts

Hunter: Justin Pitts

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dodge

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Well it’s been a long evening! I wanna start with telling my wife Keely thank you for dealing with me in this time of year! A lot of time and money is spent chasing this passion that I love! They ain’t no telling how much money I’ve spent or how many hours I’ve spent in the woods waiting on everything to line up! Well today it all lined up with the help of my brother Daniel Pitts telling me to let the new hunting club sit and go sit at papas! He said I got that feeling it’ll happen! The wind was just perfect! I was hunting off the edge of an Ocmulgee River BuckMaker food plot, down in a hardwood bottom draw between the plot and a pond! We have been getting a few trail cam pictures of does running around so we figured between that and the paw marks being worked it was about to be prime time! We had this deer on camera several times but he had disappeared for a day or so! Every time the wind would change I would mist ScrapeJuice from Mr. Dennis Lewis into the air. After a while I had a young buck grunting and bumping does, they were bleating etc! About 6:30ish I heard a deer trotting towards my right and when I eased around and looked it was him, and that’s where the adrenaline kicked in! Well he was correct, it happened just as he said he thought it would! Man it don’t get any better! I wanna thank the good Lord above first and for most then everyone else! Jimmy Houston Outdoors Wicked Hen Game Calls Scrape Juice Just Kill'n Time TV with Buck and Max Ocmulgee River BuckMaker Ocmulgee Taxidermy
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