photo of a deer killed by Justin Naffphoto of a deer killed by Justin Naffphoto of a deer killed by Justin Naff

Hunter: Justin Naff

Points: 7 (3L, 4R)

County: Upson

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Thanksgiving Buck (Mr. Krabs) 11/23/18: This is the first buck I have harvested with a bow, and it’s just a totally different hunt and feeling. This buck started out showing up to one of our feeders during the summer and just before the season. I named this buck Mr. Krabs due to the huge crab claw he has on his right side. I hunted this deer for most of the bow season, but due to playing high school football, it was hard to get out and hunt him. During the rut I hunted Mr. Krabs hard and another buck named Nemo, but I never saw either one. During Thanksgiving break I went hunting and looking at my covert camera, I picked Up Mr. Crabs moving in the morning and afternoon during daylight. So I started hunting the stand I knew he had been by several times hoping to see him. On the 22nd, after Thanksgiving dinner I went to the stand. The hunt started off with a young 3 1/2-year-old 8-point and a young spike walking by at 10 yards. Later on, I had three fawns feed on the food plot and slowly feed under my stand to eat acorns. At 5:25 I had a doe and fawn walk past me at 10 yards to go feed on the foot plot. While the three fawns were feeding nearby, the hunt picked up! At 5:40 p.m. I heard footsteps coming from the bottom behind me. I stand up and grab my bow, knowing this was the trail he always came down from my camera and also this was the time he had been moving. At 45 yards, I saw that it was him walking right to the bottom of my stand! He continued to walk and at 25 yards he stopped, letting me put an arrow right behind his front shoulder!!! The buck ran off and I thought I heard him crash. I still gave him an hour and half to lay down and die!!! After the longest hour and a half ever, My Dad and I went back out to look. We first found the arrow full of pink bubbly blood and then we followed the blood trail. My buck lay dead at 40 yards from my stand! It was the most amazing feeling ever knowing I killed my target buck!! I passed up bucks for three years to finally get a buck that I had been hunting! It was the most amazing feeling ever and also was my first bow buck!!! This will be a hunt and memory that I will never forget!!!!!
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