photo of a deer killed by Justin Schillphoto of a deer killed by Justin Schillphoto of a deer killed by Justin Schill

Hunter: Justin Schill

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Oglethorpe

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

Instead of hunting one of my stands, I decided to move up the fire break and overlook the creek bottom. I was hunting from my gobble lounger chair. No cover in front. Had a big pine to my left and wide open in front and right. Had a pile of brush behind me. At 5:30 I looked to my right and there was a deer in the firebreak looking at me about 50 yards. Our eyes were locked in a staring contest. Head bobbing and sniffin (not mine). I thought it was a doe because the rack blended in with the background. It turned and trotted down firebreak to where my stand is and disappeared. As it trotted straight away I had scope on it and saw big rack. A couple minutes later heard all hell break loose but couldn't see. Heard movement on other side of creek working its way toward me. At 5:45, one doe pops out, second doe pops out, third doe pops out. Heard something else. Kept looking in scope, and big buck pops out pushing that group of does. Time is running out. Legal shooting hours end at 5:55. I grunted once and it stopped. I took a 75-yard shot, and it ran up hill to the old built stand and collapsed. Kicked up a pile of dust and stopped. It was a solid hit. Checked time and it was 5:52. 145-lb. 9-point.
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