photo of a deer killed by JR Beasleyphoto of a deer killed by JR Beasleyphoto of a deer killed by JR Beasley

Hunter: JR Beasley

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Jasper

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I got drawn for the 2nd quota hunt at Clybel WMA. Well we got to the spot at 12 and started to scout our way in, found a lot of scrapes. We got to one that was the size of a hood. My buddy set up on that one, and I sprayed my boots with black widow hot and ready and went about 800 yards past him. Got to a creek bottom and noticed a bunch of trees that were tore up from rubs and a few scrapes, so I went down the creek edge scouting my way in. I got to a pinch point and I hung my climber and went up the tree and finally got camera gear set up. About 25 minutes went by and everything got quite. I could hear something walking to my left and right down the trail I walked in on. He had his nose to the ground following the scent that was on my boots. Got about 50 yards and I dropped him in his tracks. Was gonna sit the rest of the day but already had 1.7 mile drag according to onx maps. Didn't know he was that big until i walked up on him and he was the biggest I have ever kille, especially on public land.
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