photo of a deer killed by Joy Owensphoto of a deer killed by Joy Owensphoto of a deer killed by Joy Owens

Hunter: Joy Owens

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Floyd

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Exciting evening in the woods. It all actually started in 2020. That year I kept seeing a young thin racked 10-pointer that really resembled a really nice deer my son had killed in 2019 that we called DOC. Chose to pass in hopes he would make it through the hunting season and started calling this deer DJ (DOC JR). I was delighted to see him on camera after the Ga season went out. In the 2021season even though he had gained mass & tine length he was only a 9-pointer. Did not have one of his G4s. Only saw him once out of the stand. As he started putting on antlers this year I was excited to see that he had both G4s and was amazed at how he looked dang near identical to the deer my son killed in 2019. Friday evening September 23rd was my 2nd opportunity to hunt him with a good wind. It was a great evening for deer movement in this area. I believe I saw every deer we had got on camera except him. Finally he stepped out and presented me with a 33-yard shot. I was fortunate enough to get both lungs and he only went about 30 yards. Unfortunately he went downhill and I could not see him fall. Even though I was pretty sure I heard him fall I didn’t want to mess things up so I sat in the stand until pitch dark and backed out. Called my cousin and met him in town. We ate at the Waffle House to pass a little time. Two hours had passed when we got back to the hit sight. After finding the arrow I shined the light down the hill to look for blood and saw him about 30 yards away. BOY WAS I HAPPY!!!
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