photo of a deer killed by Josie Dobbsphoto of a deer killed by Josie Dobbsphoto of a deer killed by Josie Dobbs

Hunter: Josie Dobbs

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Clayton

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Josie was hunting a two-man ladder stand with her father when two bucks showed up just before dark. The first buck came into the clear-cut and stopped 20 yards away. It was a good 8 pointer. The second buck stopped further back about 30 yards away. It was the buck that she wanted to shoot. It was a 9 pointer that was a little bigger than the first buck. She waited on the deer to turn broadside, but the 8-point threw his head up with his nose in the air. He appeared to get spooked and turned and started walking away. The 9-point watched and then turned to walk away. Josie shot and hit him a little back and a little low. He bounced off into the creek bottom. Josie and I (her dad) decided to leave and come back the next morning. When we arrived in the morning, it didn't take long to find the deer bedded next to a creek a 100 yards away and it jumped up and ran off. We decided to back out and call a tracking dog. The dog named Eli showed up an hour later. She immediately got on the trail of the deer where it had been shot the day before. It took Eli only about 15 minutes to bay up the buck that was still alive in the middle of a clear-cut. Josie and Eli's handler, Kevin Bowlden, cautiously approached the buck and Josie finished it off with her crossbow.
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