photo of a deer killed by Joshua Cranephoto of a deer killed by Joshua Cranephoto of a deer killed by Joshua Crane

Hunter: Joshua Crane

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Morgan

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I was blessed to kill my largest deer which was an 11-point that gross scored 133 5/8". I have to thank the good lord and my amazing wife for making this happen. The story begins earlier this week when I said to my wife "babe, it's that time of year again and the weather is about to get cold following this rain. Can I please go huntin"? She said yes and so I took off Friday and left the house at 4:45 that morning to make it into the woods before the sun came up. The morning hunt was great and I watched a number of young bucks chasing does. I sat until lunch and then headed to camp to grab a sammich and get back in the woods. My buddies and I were trying to figure out where to hunt and a guys said "Crane, why don't you ever hunt that dang food plot"? I just planted the plot a couple of weeks ago and wasn't confident anything had come up yet. I was very indecisive to say the least, but after some banter from my buddies, I decided to hunt that plot. I had does in the plot the entire time I was there with one mature doe in estrus. She stayed in the plot for around an hour paying no attention to the young bucks popping in to say hello, and then I heard a loud racket coming out of the thick ridge to my left. That's when the tall 11 busted out of the woods with his nose a few inches above the ground. I was able to get a good shot on him before he started high tailing it toward the doe. He ran 30-40 yards and the rest is history.
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