photo of a deer killed by Josh Bennettphoto of a deer killed by Josh Bennettphoto of a deer killed by Josh Bennett

Hunter: Josh Bennett

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Jones

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 7)

Hunt Story

My name is James Ray Collier 23, me and my 10-year-old nephew Joshua James Bennett, accompany by my mother Gina Collier, and my father Kelly Collier, set out to our hunting club off of Hwy 22 Jones County about 1 hour before sunrise. We arrived at the club, and my nephew Josh said, “Ray I want to go with you but you never let me." I said, buddy I haven't killed a deer this year yet, but you know what if you can hold up my 7mm 08 TC Encore then you can go with me I got a spot for us. He held it up with a little struggle. He said with power in his voice, "I got this." I said ok buddy it's settled you're going with me. He was with me when he killed his first turkey, but hasn't had a chance to go deer hunting with his Uncle Ray yet, so the hunt was. My father Kelly collier and mother Gina Collier both split off their separate ways. Deddy to his climber and momma to her stand across the road, momma and Deddy aka to the hunter that killed the deer Josh grandma and grandpa , Again aka nana and papa 🙂 Me and Josh started off to a slight thick and yet beautiful hardwood creek bottom. We sat down by a tree, and after about 20 minutes heard a deer grunting. Well we both got excited, but after the third grunt nothing else happened. All the sudden I saw an orange vest, and it was approaching us slowly on the other side of the creek I looked at Josh and said, "Dang someone just walked in on us." After getting about 30 yards to us, then the man noticed and just kept walking lol. A little irritated, me and my nephew Josh did a quick brain storm. Well I picked up my phone and called my papa, aka my father. I told him that we are going to move a little closer to him because our area just got a little fudged up. He told me that he has had deer running does all around hi, all morning. I told Josh, and we knew at that moment that we needed to go to nana's ground blind on top of one of the most beautiful creek/hardwood bottom that any hunter would call heaven. Time 8: 35. We arrived at the ground blind, to my surprise without running any deer away. We got set up, us sitting there whispering to each other. I think we both knew that we are to have a great chance at seeing something. 8:50. ( "Josh big buck to your left, big buck.") I handed him my gun and told him get ready. The doe the buck was chasing ran out in front of him, and Josh was so excited he was on the doe. I said watch out buddy, that's not him. He said, dang your right. Ten minutes pass, as he is still holding up my gun starting to shake. We though he had done gave us the slip, but sure enough he was in the creek slipping through. I told Josh, there he is in the creek. He couldn't see him, but about 30 seconds passes, and he emerged from the creek on our side 40 yards broadside. I said, "Josh shoot," as I was holding up the forearm of the gun. He said, I can't see him. I again said get him locked in, shoot. Booooom the deer buckled and then standing there looking around as if everything was ok, but I knew he made a great shot. I broke the gun down and loaded another round in the gun. I said Josh you want me to shoot him to make sure we are gonna get him. He said yea. I shoot, the deer ran 50 yards. Both Josh and my shot was an inch from each other, perfect shot double lung. As we where tracking the blood trail, Josh said please tell everyone I shot it. I said buddy that's your deer 100%. He said there he is. Him so excited, "OMG look at this buck I've been hunting all my life and haven't had a chance to get one this big. But I wouldn't have had that morning any other way. Josh sat the head down and put his hand in on the deer's back and made his blood stripes on his face. So happy we called his father Trey Bennett, momma Jamie Bennett, great grand pa James Ron Collier. He said I can't wait to show my daddy, will be so proud of me. That's one memory that me and him will never forget and we are just happy that god blesses us with such am amazing experience.
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