photo of a deer killed by Josh Adamsphoto of a deer killed by Josh Adamsphoto of a deer killed by Josh Adams

Hunter: Josh Adams

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Madison

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I am 18 years old I’ve hunted most of my life but never have I shot a buck with my bow. I got in the stand pretty late around 4 p.m. Around 5 I’ve had seven does bust me due to scent. Around 30 minutes later I see antlers coming through the bushes. I went ahead and stood up and watched him for 30 minutes until he came into my shooting lane at 45 yards. I shot him with a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead. He ran maybe 100-150 yards before he fell. I gave him till dark just in case, but I’ve never been so shook up and excited in my life to have shot the buck of my dreams and especially during archery season. I know God sent me that deer. I prayed all in the stand and kept telling myself that God had sent them does away so that I could keep my eyes open and shoot the buck to be proud of. He had 4 points on one side and 4 on the left but with another 3rd beam coming out of his four head like a unicorn.
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