photo of a deer killed by Joseph Owensphoto of a deer killed by Joseph Owensphoto of a deer killed by Joseph Owens

Hunter: Joseph Owens

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

We got to the stand a little later than normal due to taking family Christmas card pictures that afternoon. This was the first time all year that both brothers Joseph and Blake have gone hunting together. I saw the buck come out of the woods about 100 yards away, however he was behind some bushes and Joseph couldn’t see him. The buck was making scrapes along the wood line. I told Joseph he was a shooter and to get ready to shoot. We were hunting from a big box stand that we call the “Apple Tree” stand. The buck finally came out behind some trees so that Joseph had a broadside shot. Joseph took the shot and the buck ran back into the woods toward the creek. I asked Joseph did be feel confident in his shot, and he said he did. We waited about 15 minutes before getting down to find the buck. When we got to the creek the buck was still alive. Joseph shot the deer again to finish him off. Once we saw what Joseph had shot we realized this was the buck we nicknamed “Mystery Buck” because we could never get a good trail-camera picture of him to see his entire rack. He would always give us a glimpse of himself in trail-camera photos. Needless to say Joseph was beyond excited, it was his best buck ever, a thick 225-pound Dooly County 8-point.
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