photo of a deer killed by Jordan McDonaldphoto of a deer killed by Jordan McDonaldphoto of a deer killed by Jordan McDonald

Hunter: Jordan McDonald

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Clayton

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

With the cooler afternoons it just felt like the right time to be in the woods as the pre-rut is here. I called my buddy Aaron that morning, and we talked about going hunting but didn’t know where we wanted to go. After much debate we finally decided to go to “Grandma's Land” so we could get a doe for meat in the freezer. He led me to his loc-on set up in a pine/hardwood mix and there was a trail camera set up, and I asked if I could check it before I got in the stand to know when I might could expect to see movement. After checking the card there were only 32 pictures of a doe and two fawns in the past two weeks. I was bummed but I stayed positive knowing acorns are falling this time of year, and a buck could cruise through at any time this time of year. It was 6:25 p.m. when I heard a stick break to my right. I looked over and to my surprise it was a deer standing behind a tree at 40 yards, so I grabbed my bow and got ready thinking it was a mature doe, as all I could see was the back half of the deer. That’s when the deer stepped out from behind the tree and my jaw dropped and my nerves went nuts — it was a Big Mature Buck! He worked his way tree by tree and very slowly through the woods until he got to an opening at 35 yards. I settled my pin on him as he was broadside, said a prayer, and squeezed the trigger on the release. It hit its mark perfectly in the crease behind the shoulder! I could see the arrow hanging out of the deer, and it didn’t look like I got much penetration as he ran up up the hill and out of sight. My phone was ringing and it was Aaron, so I answered. He said what did you shoot and I said a Monster Buck! He said no way! I told him I was worried about the shot, and he said well don’t be he just ran toward me flipped and crashed 60 yards in front of me he is down! I can’t thank Aaron enough for his courtesy to take me hunting and how humble and happy he was for me to shoot a deer of this caliber. I owe him one for sure! This was definitely a deer of a lifetime for me, and I’m so glad I was able to share this moment with y’all. I’m still speechless after bow hunting for nearly 20 years I finally got a “Big One”
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