photo of a deer killed by Jonathan Overholtphoto of a deer killed by Jonathan Overholtphoto of a deer killed by Jonathan Overholt

Hunter: Jonathan Overholt

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I had went Saturday around noon to put out more corn and pull camera cards. Got back to the house around 1 o'clock and was checking pictures and to my disappointment all my shooters were a no show. I was just finishing up with my pictures when my phone buzzed alerting me a picture came in from my cell cam, and I looked at it and to my surprise there was one of my shooters in there at 2:15 and i had just been thru there putting corn out two hours before that. I saw which way he was headed and decided to get in a stand in a oak bottom over 300 yards from where that camera was. I figured he was out cruising and would be long gone by the time I got in there. I snuck down in there and saw two deer in there already. After they ran off I got in my stand and settled in for the evening not knowing what to expect since I'd only been hunting that stand mornings. With the creek flowing it is hard to hear every noise, but I happened to hear and see him bout the same time. He was behind me on the opposite side of the creek already 25 yards from me walking away. I knew there was a trail that crossed the creek and I ranged a tree at 31 yards and knew if he went on the trail he would be 30, so when he turned onto that trail I stopped him right before went in the creek and let the arrow fly. I could tell the shot looked good and could see my arrow stuck in a vine on the tree I ranged. I got down and found where he came out of the creek and found bubbles in the blood. We tracked him about 40 yards and he was piled up. I was very happy to get my biggest buck ever and got him with a bow.
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