photo of a deer killed by Johnny Wisephoto of a deer killed by Johnny Wisephoto of a deer killed by Johnny Wise

Hunter: Johnny Wise

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Turner

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 8)

Hunt Story

It had been raining for several days here and finally stopped early Monday morning. My wife asked me if I was going hunting around 8 am. I wasn't going because of all the rain, but decided to go since "she influenced" me into it. Hadn't been in the stand long and started seeing deer movement around my food plot. First a couple of fawns, then a five or so small buck, then the two fawns again all leaving the area around 8:30 am. Then here comes a bigger buck that I could clearly see was a nice shooter for me. Body looked small at a distance of 175 yards with a nice wide set of antlers. This buck came nearly straight at me for about 50 yards while I held the scope on him. Once he turned slightly to his left, I let fly with my Remington 700 in .270 caliber. He ran off to his left into the woods, and I thought I had hit him good but waited about 30 minutes before going to look for blood. Not one drop of blood could be found anywhere but this gun doesn't miss for me. I walked several rows of timber looking for any sign of blood but found none. I just asked my Lord to help me find him if it was his will for me to find this one and walked no more then 50 feet and looked to my left, and there was a body I could see through the underbush. I took no more then 3 steps further looking in that direction and could clearly see beautiful antlers sticking up, and a huge grin came on my face with a great big Thank You to my Lord and Master for providing this wonderful animal for myself and my family to enjoy. I did my best to provide a few pictures of him trying to kneel down like all the great pictures shown on GON, but with a year old full knee replacement it is impossible for me to do this, so I got some camo cloth to cover the wet ground and set my ole tator right down behind it while a good friend of mine snapped a few pictures. A great buck for me as it is getting harder and harder for me to try to enjoy our great sport and heritage that has truly been a blessing for me over the years. The joints just don't move as good as they used to do with ol' brother "arthritis" kicking in. I did weigh this buck at my processor site in Cordele and it weighed 215 pounds live weight. The buck is a main frame 8-pointer that looks to have very few deductions but does have a 9th point behind the G1 of his right side. Thanks for the contest as always GON and as always Steve you and the staff do a great job with "OUR" magazine. You may remember me from the '99 Cedar Creek Buck entry and shootout, I had a blast but came up a little bit short on winning.
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