photo of a deer killed by John Giddensphoto of a deer killed by John Giddensphoto of a deer killed by John Giddens

Hunter: John Giddens

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Worth

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I was hunting in a hardwood bottom where the big bucks normally travel. Not long after it was good light I saw deer on the adjacent property running back and forth. I know there were at least 2 bucks in that group but I never got a real good look at their size. I was grunting and rattling pretty aggressively to try and get one to come my way but it didn’t work. They finally got out of sight after about 30 minutes. Around 8 I had a spike come in to a grunt call. His hair was puffed out like a mad alley cat, and he stayed in the area for probably 10 minutes before he left. At 9 I decided that I would rattle one more time and give it 15-20 minutes and I was headed out. Well I rattled and then hit my can call about 2-3 minutes later and the one I killed came in sniffing and grunting. I dropped him at about 30 yards with my 460XVR. 11 scoreable points with a 19” spread.
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