photo of a deer killed by John Dolan IVphoto of a deer killed by John Dolan IVphoto of a deer killed by John Dolan IV

Hunter: John Dolan IV

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Dawson

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

A lot of time effort and hard work in the off-season scouting running trail cameras and learning the area paid off! Once I found the hot feed tree with serval ground scrapes and rubs along with fresh deer droppings I knew it was a matter of time until a buck showed up. On September 30th I got in there and was able to slip in without a headlight due to the moon being full and got set up in the perfect tree. As it got grey light I heard one deer walking my way and about time I saw him he was 15 yards from me and came down the high stem count edge to come into the feed tree. The buck walked out in front of me feeding on the early season hot white oak that was raining acorns. He was quartered away and came out in the open at 20 yards. Was able to make a perfect double lung shot and the arrow made a complete pass through. He ran off down the rope of the ridge then off the side. I was sure I heard him go down but was unsure so I sat for about a hour then decided to go look for blood. The arrow was coated in blood but couldn’t find any blood at all! I walked the way he went to scan the ridge where I thought I heard him fall and was about to back out to call a dog then walked around a deadfall and saw his belly. The worry of losing this buck went away and the joy and achievement of the hard work on the off-season was finally rewarded.
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