photo of a deer killed by John Cobbphoto of a deer killed by John Cobbphoto of a deer killed by John Cobb

Hunter: John Cobb

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Heard

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 14)

Hunt Story

John was determined to kill a nice buck with at least 8 points. He turned down a trip to Orlando, Florida so he could stay home during Christmas break to hunt. He was also determined to kill his next deer with a traditional muzzleloader. The weekend before he practiced shooting his .50 caliber CVA youth muzzleloader with a .490 patched round ball and 55 grains of fffg black powder. On Sunday afternoon he was in his ladder stand in mature planted pines with a small food plot in front of his stand and thick kudzu and briars behind him. At 5:30 pm he heard a deer walking toward him, so he picked up his rifle and got ready. As soon as the buck stepped out, John pulled back the hammer on his muzzleloader. The buck entered the food plot and stopped behind a large pine tree. John waited a few minutes for the buck to clear the pines focusing on the crease behind the shoulder. The buck finally cleared the tree, and John placed the killing shot on the buck just like he had practiced the weekend before. The buck ran about 200 yards down the ridge and fell. When we skinned out the buck, we were able to retrieve the flattened out bullet.
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