photo of a deer killed by John Callawayphoto of a deer killed by John Callawayphoto of a deer killed by John Callaway

Hunter: John Callaway

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Hancock

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I had sat in the stand for about 45 minutes when a rabbit comes out of the thick brush. The rabbit sat in the food plot for about 20 minutes when two more came out. At about 45 minutes before dark two deer came out of the woods, a fawn and its mother, in front of me about 100 yards. They start making their way toward me and causally eating along the way. The older doe makes it way to about 30 yards and notices me, and I sit very still not moving a muscle. She stares straight at me for about 2 minutes and puts her head back down and continues eating. They make it to my stand about 10 yards away and graze on grass for about 10 minuets. I look into the left corner of the food plot when I saw a big-body deer run into the field. I immediately pick up my gun and look down through the scope and realized that I had the biggest buck I had ever seen in the stand standing to my left at about 75 yards. I look at his rack and see how wide his rack is and my heart begins to race. I aimed the crosshairs at his shoulder and pulled the trigger. That is the story on how I killed the biggest buck in my life.
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