photo of a deer killed by Joel Davidsonphoto of a deer killed by Joel Davidsonphoto of a deer killed by Joel Davidson

Hunter: Joel Davidson

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Troup

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

It was time to get ready to go, but Joel was afraid he had bumped his scope. So we headed to the range to sight in his rifle. While we were there, a nice 8-point buck that he had been hunting showed up on our camera close to the stand he would be hunting. After making a few adjustments to his scope, we headed to the woods and were there about 3:30. He had to wait until after 5 before seeing a doe. About 5:40, a 10-point buck that had showed up on camera the day before came out of the thicket and headed to the food plot. Once there, Joel made his shot and the buck headed to the brush on the side of the field and went out of sight. We waited an hour and a half to start tracking. We found a few drops of blood here and there and were able to follow it about 50 yards. But the brush and briars were very thick and it had started to rain. We lost the trail, and after about 3 hours decided to come back at first light. We did but it was still raining. We searched by sight for another 2 hours before Church without luck. The brush was so thick we could have walked right past it and not known. After lunch, we decided to call Justin Strickland to see if he could bring his dogs. He did and after about 30 minutes, they located the buck. This was a great early Christmas present for Joel!
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