photo of a deer killed by Joe Russellphoto of a deer killed by Joe Russellphoto of a deer killed by Joe Russell

Hunter: Joe Russell

Points: 7 (4L, 3R)

County: Madison

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I got the first picture of this guy as a 3-year-old two years ago. Last year we never had a single picture of him until dad found his right shed back in march of this year. I’ve been after him all year and have been hunting him every day since this past Friday. Today I decided not to go in the morning and just pray that he’d walk by one of my cameras. At about 8:30 this morning Ben calls me and said he saw him in the pasture and run into the clearcut. I went and grabbed my climber at 9 and got set up to sit all day. At about 2:20 pm I heard something walking in the clearcut close and couldn’t believe it was him when I saw him at 10 yards. He made a scrape then walked into the ONLY shooting lane I had and it had branches crossing all in my way. I let the arrow fly praying it wouldn’t hit a branch and it hit perfectly. After about 100 yards of trailing minimal blood we finally found him. I also started self-filming my hunts 2 years ago and was able to film this buck and my buck I killed back in ‘21 that I got scored this year and he went #2 in Madison County for archery kills.
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