photo of a deer killed by Joe Northrupphoto of a deer killed by Joe Northrupphoto of a deer killed by Joe Northrup

Hunter: Joe Northrup

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Hall

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Called him the Glory Buck. Been getting this fella on camera during shooting hours for a week. I have been in the same spot every evening since Sunday except for one evening. Our pastor and two others I heard preach this week had mentioned that we need to seek what would God have us to do. From the small to the big things daily. As I blessed my food today at lunch I said Lord I'd like to get this buck. Where do I go, he's been on two different cameras .30 miles apart. I messaged a friend seeking advice. He finally said "Flip a coin and put it in someone else's hand lol". First thing I thought was, someone else, the Lord. I left work still undecided and went to an area I had not hunted sort of in between the two. Decided against that, so I pulled back out the driveway and stopped at the road. I literally took my hat off, Lord I'm gonna flip a coin. Heads I'm going where I've sat all week, tails I'm going .30 miles away. Flipped the quarter, and it was heads. I kind of hastily was like man I don't want to go sit in the same chair on the ground. In faith I pulled over there, sat a moment and thought about going right back where I had left from. Then it hit me, what is faith? I asked this, trusting and believing yet here I'm trying to talk myself out of it. I went in and at 5:15 here he came, from opposite direction he normally does and 30 or so minutes before he normally does.
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