photo of a deer killed by Jimmy Mobleyphoto of a deer killed by Jimmy Mobleyphoto of a deer killed by Jimmy Mobley

Hunter: Jimmy Mobley

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Fayette

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Was going to go to ladder stand in the woods but was running late so decided to not cross the hay field. I sat down next to an old dead pine tree and waited. About 5:20 this buck and four others came into the hay field from left side. They worked their way across the field heading to my right. This buck got in front of me about 125 yards out and set up a good shot. I took a shot on him before he got any farther away. He and two other bucks ran to the right over a knoll in the pasture. I got up and ran to the knoll to see if he made it to the woods and he had. Wasn't for sure where he went in, but the other two bucks had stopped and were looking into the woods before turning left and running out the back of the pasture. I went back to my truck and got my backpack and lights and went to track him if I could find where he left the pasture. Found a couple tracks at the tree line and hoped they were his. Trailed them thru the leaves in the woods for about 30 yards and finally found a couple drops of blood. Found him about another 5 yards away past a dead tree top. Good hunt.
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