photo of a deer killed by Jimmy Cloerphoto of a deer killed by Jimmy Cloerphoto of a deer killed by Jimmy Cloer

Hunter: Jimmy Cloer

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Gwinnett

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Arrived at my stand at 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening. As I climbed up I didn't feel comfortable with my location, so I switched trees to get a better vantage point. Around 30 minutes later noticed movement to my right as two small bucks came in. A few moments later I heard a stick crack that got my attention. I first laid eyes on my target buck at 65 yards. He gradually worked his way toward me feeding on acorns. As the other two bucks were within 20 yards, one spotted me, and my target buck was at 31 yards away. I held my bow back for what seemed an eternity until he finally lowered his head back to feeding on the Big Tine Cherry Rush corn I had spread out. The only shot I had was straight on, and I knew I was running out of time to make it happen. As my target buck I named "Big Boy" lowered his head I released my arrow. I knew the shot was true as he staggered as he fled the area and crashed in the short pines to my left. Then texted family & friends with the famous BBD! (Big Buck Down) waited 30 minutes and climbed down. Texted my wife and had her go to the other side of the short pines to keep a look out as I made my way through the area I had last seen him. As I made my way through the first section I didn't see any sign and was questioning shot placement. Then I turned to my left and walked the longest 10 yards of my life to the Buck of a Lifetime! I knelt down beside one of God's magnificent creatures I just had harvested, said a quiet prayer for my cousin Robby Reeves who passed away 5 years ago while hunting, took plenty of photos, Wife approved of course, and got him to Apple Valley Processing as quick as I could. In today's fast paced world always remember two things. Always go with your gut, and be patient!
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