photo of a deer killed by Jim Lebenphoto of a deer killed by Jim Lebenphoto of a deer killed by Jim Leben

Hunter: Jim Leben

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Baldwin

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

After I got home from work, I contemplated on whether or not to hunt due to it being so hot. Finally I decided to go cause "you can't kill one at the house." Once I got in the tree and got my camera and bow set up , I was about to burn up. I was facing west and the sun was unbearable. Finally when the sun dipped behind the trees the action started heating up. A small buck came in from the left and a doe came in from the right, both feeding in front of me on the almost depleted iron clay peas. Suddenly right at the dark and with very little camera light left, these deer looked up and stared directly behind my stand. I heard a deer jump the fence and looked down and all I saw was antlers below me. I reached for my bow with my left hand and struggled with my right to get the camera on the buck as he entered the food plot. Finally he stopped and presented a quartering away shot. Knowing that I had him on camera, I drew back and released. The buck bolted out of the food plot with the lighted knock glowing. After a short wait and replaying the shot on my camera, I packed up all of my gear and started looking for the buck. After a short tracking job, I found the buck was less than a 100 yards from where I shot him.
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