photo of a deer killed by Jim Gallowayphoto of a deer killed by Jim Gallowayphoto of a deer killed by Jim Galloway

Hunter: Jim Galloway

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Newton

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

My buddy Dexter Leach and I came in with a plan to hunt two different patterns in hopes of figuring out what was happening on this lease, as I had not hunted this property in a week or more. We did not have a great crop of bucks this year and were hitting other properties harder which had the best bucks. I set up on the edge of a hardwood ridge and thick mature pines with a creek below. It was prime conditions with very fresh scrapes in the area. I figured the bucks had to be searching again, so I hit the grunt call to stir things up. This buck was on me within a minute stopping right behind a tree. As I drew back, another unseen deer from behind busted me, but the buck took a few more steps after 30 seconds or so. He gave me a 25-yard shot and crashed about 150 yards downhill the wrong way of course. I recognized him from the pics, but he was bigger in person for a change. Thanks Dex for helping me drag the deer the last 60 yards downhill, great timing on your end. This buck ended up green just shy of 130 inches gross which is my best bow buck to date.
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