photo of a deer killed by Jill Brownphoto of a deer killed by Jill Brownphoto of a deer killed by Jill Brown

Hunter: Jill Brown

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Putnam

Season: 2015-2016

Hunt Story

By Jordan Davis Jill Brown, of Eatonton, killed the biggest buck of her life on the morning of Nov. 8. In recent years, Jill and her family moved to a place where they have plenty of private land to hunt on. In the last few months, neighbors nearby have been cutting timber, so Jill and her husband, Trent, suspected some deer might be pushed their way. Just this week, the couple got a new 12-point buck on camera that Trent nicknamed, “The Monster.” Friday night Jill hunted until there was barely any daylight left. Just before dark, a buck came through chasing a doe, but it was too dark to shoot. “I was beside myself that I couldn’t see. I just knew it was the big one,” said Jill. Saturday evening Jill and Trent tested their luck again. The duo both sat in the same stand but didn’t see any deer at all. Sunday rolled around, and the two debated whether to go hunting that morning or not. It was cold, rainy and kind of discouraging. After finally deciding to go, Jill and Trent prepared for the weather and struck out to their stands. “He knew which stand I wanted to hunt, so he let me go sit there, and he went to my stand,” says Jill. They did not get to their stand until about 7:30, but it was just in time. “I even took my coffee with me,” said Jill. “I never do that.” Within about 30 minutes of waiting, two does appeared in the field to Jill’s right. “Right behind them a buck came out. I saw him as soon as he broke the woodline,” said Jill. “I didn’t need to look through my binoculars to see how big it was. I just shot.” Jill watched him run about 25 yards and drop. She called Trent as quick as she could. “He told me, ‘Do not get down. I’m coming to get you,'” said Jill. Trent picked her up from her stand, and they went to check out her kill. They both approached him from different directions in case he got up. “As soon as we saw him, Trent said ‘Baby, you killed The Monster!’” said Jill. Jill took the giant, main-frame 10-pointer to The Meat Shed deer processing where owner Drew Copelan used a Rackulator and came up with a gross score of 178 7/8 inches, which includes two small non-typical points. The Rackulator’s net score was 164 7/8 inches. Jill is a GON subscriber and will be entering her buck into the Truck-Buck contest.
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