photo of a deer killed by Jessica Whittphoto of a deer killed by Jessica Whittphoto of a deer killed by Jessica Whitt

Hunter: Jessica Whitt

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Lumpkin

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

So hard to decide where to begin. I actually had no intentions of getting into the woods yesterday. Didn’t have a sitter and left the house without my baby carrier but felt like I needed to get out there. I had on my lucky fishing shirt and put on my favorite killin' tunes and headed to the property. When we first got there, there was a doe out in the field. I was coughing and my 12-week-old was crying a little, I figured we wouldn’t have any luck considering the circumstances. I was trying to console him before he spooked anything that might be headed our way. After nursing him to sleep I decided to swaddle him up and let him sleep right next to my chair so I could free my hands. Just as I got him settled on the ground my buck walked out into the field. I grabbed my binoculars to make sure it was a buck and to see which one of the few we had been seeing. This one was mine!!! He crossed over into the bottom field and was about 120 yards out. I got him in my sights and just let him have it. He took off into the woods and just seconds later we could hear him crash. We headed back to the house to grab the 4-wheeler and to leave the baby with my boyfriend's mom so we could go track the buck. The first blood spots we found were lung and I kind of got nervous for a second, figured it would be a long night but about 25 yards into the wood line there he was!! It was seriously one for the books nothing better than having my little one by my side on this hunt. he won’t remember it but it is one I will never forget. Start 'em young!
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