photo of a deer killed by Jesse Parkerphoto of a deer killed by Jesse Parkerphoto of a deer killed by Jesse Parker

Hunter: Jesse Parker

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Coweta

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

After getting all wrapped up in my camo, drinking a cup of coffee, and putting on my orange vest & hat, I walked out the back door at home and got in my ladder stand about 6:45 am near the back side of our property. Pulled up my rifle, got settled in good before daylight, and had a small breeze in my face on this cool morning. Daylight started breaking and all things were real quiet until the squirrels started. I had a clear view of the bottom from my ladder stand; but, since most of the leaves had not fallen, my view was limited and focused primarily on the big oak directly in front of my stand about 45 yards. I saw deer the previous weekend on 3 different occasions, but I let them walk in hopes of getting something better. I heard four different shooters on this morning way off in the distance, so I knew the deer were moving. About 8 am I saw what seemed to be an 8-pointer trot through without slowing down or giving me a shot. He wasn’t spooked, but moved out quickly. About 9:30 am I saw a 4-point come into the bottom and started watching him. Then out of nowhere, the 9-point stepped out under the big oak in front of my stand and started eating acorns. With the scope on 6 power, I took a careful aim with my BLR Model 81 using the arm rest on the ladder stand and gently squeezed off one round right behind the 9-pointer's right shoulder. The deer took off and layed down 40 yards from my stand. I waited about 5 minutes and walked back up to the house, to find my Mom asking, “Where’s he at?” I told her it wasn’t me who shot but our neighbor. Then I showed her the empty shell casing. I think she was excited more than I. This is the second deer I’ve ever shot, and my first good buck. My best day of hunting yet!
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